Citric acid anhydrous(Food grade, pharmaceutical grade, reagent grade)


Feiyu Food Science and Technology is specialized in the production and sales of pharmaceutical grade, food grade citrate, malate, and gluconate. Now, it is the enterprise with the most complete variety of citrate products in China, and its products meet the quality standards of CP, USP, BP and other pharmacopoeias. Feiyu has participated in the drafting of national standards for citrate products for many times, and has nearly 40 patents for independent research and development, and more than 10 provincial-level high-tech products, The product has won the third prize of Nantong Science and Technology Progress Award for many times.

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Food grade citrate | malate | gluconate

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Citric acid anhydrous(Food grade, pharmaceutical grade, reagent grade)

Citric acid anhydrous
Specification parameters




Colorless Crystal



Content (C6H8O7)


Acidity of  alkalininty

Complying with the test

Clarity and colour of solution

Clarity and colour of solution

Heavy metals




 Chloride PPM


 Oxalate PPM


Barium (Ba)

Complying with the test

Ash content %


Readity carbonisable substances

Complying with the test

Sulphate  %


Microorganism control

Total bacterial count NMT 1000cfu/g Escherichia coli Negative

Total mold and yeast NMT 300cfu/g Salmonella Negative

Total escherichia coli NMT 10cfu/g Staphylococcus aureus Negative


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